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Motels, Tourist Courts, Motor Inns, Motor Courts, Cabins, Lodges, Motor Hotels

These postcards are from my personal collection and none are for sale.
It is not a complete collection and never will be; it is always growing.
It is about my personal taste in images, big sign views, and odd subjects.

To make it relaxing while sitting-back and looking at the images,
scroll up & down the long pages with the arrow keys on the keyboard,
rather than with the mouse.

Although there are few genuine mom and pop motels left on the roadside,
there are even fewer with such fantastic signage. This collection is less
about "good old days" nostalgia, and more about how strange and
surreal these places were.

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Welcome Back Thomas
Special Thanks to Merrell's Motel on R.R. 4 in Greenfield IN, for having the cool sign used for the logo.