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Gaslite Motel
Coffee Shop & Cocktail Lounge
7777 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, Calif.

Jays Motel
Denny's Coffee Shop

Elko, Nevada

Postmarked 1964
Rancho Bakersfield Motel
Bakersfield, California

Postmarked 1958

See a panoramic card
from the Rancho Bakersfield
Old Stage Motor Lodge
Colonial Heights, Virginia
Between Richmond & Petersburg
The Key Motel
7 Miles South of the Nation's Capital on Shirley Highway
Routes 350 and 236
Alexandria, Virginia
Gardener's Publix
Cafe, Motel, Gift Shop, Phillip's 66,
Buick Sales and Service

Duffy's Motel
2 Miles South of
Calhoun, Georgia
on 41 Highway

Duffy's made a lot of
different postcards,
See them here

Lake View Motel
1 Mi. North on US 15
Hartsville, South Carolina
on North Shore of
Prestwood Lake

Note the blocked-out signs

*Original card that started
this collection

Larchmont Motel
Boston Post Road (Route U.S. #1)
Larchmont, N.Y.
Motel Lakeland
1224 E. Memorial Blvd.
Lakeland, Florida
Griffeth Motel
Juction Highways 13 and 148
1 Block East of Mo-Pac Underpass
Reeds Spring, Missouri
San Man Motel & Restaurant
Highway 301 South
Manning, S.C.

Holiday Inn
Jackson, Tennessee
US Highway 45, North

Postmarked 1963

Early Holiday Inn & Great Sign

Arrow Motel
5425 S. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, Florida

Postmarked 1983
Lowry Motel
Highways 36 & 54
West of Pittsfield, Ill.
Adobe Motel
On U.S. 85 South
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Jasmin Villa & Motel
Ocean Blvd. (Rt. A1A)
& S.E. 8th St.
Pompano Beach, Florida
Junction Motel
Hwy 69B, North Entrance to
Perry Sound, Ont., Canada
Sundowner Motel
Caldwell, Idaho
Downtown Caldwell
on US Hwy 30

Latest in Motels.
Built over famous
Indian Creek.
This same location
used to be the largest
wild horse market
in the world.
You'll like it too
*Neat Photo Award*

Landmark Lodge
& Coffee Shop

Fort Worth, Texas
Highways 80 & 180,
2 blocks west of 183 Junction

Written in pencil:
May 24 1960
Sands Motel
Highway 80 East
Van Horn, Texas
Sands Motel
Highway 80 East
Van Horn, Texas
The Four Winds Motel & Cafe
One mile west of
Durango, Colorado
on Highway 160
Montegle Restaurant & Motel
A good night's rest atop the
highest point between Miami
and Chicago on Interstate 24,
U.S. Highway 41 and 64
Western Motel
US Hwys 80 & 84 West
Abilene, Texas
Connecting with Hwys 83
& 277 & State Hwy 36

Postmarked 196?

See an earlier card from
the Western Motel
Holiday Inn
of Birmingham West

On U.S. 11 South
9 Miles West of Downtown
Bessemer, Alabama
Holiday Inn Hotel Courts
Memphis, TN circa 1952

Great piece of roadside history.
Adair Budget Inn
"Beneath Adair's Friendly Greeter"
Exit 76 on I-80
Adair, Iowa
Mars Cheese Castle
& Castle Courts

Route 3
Kenosha, Wisconsin

The most modern motel and Cheese Market in Wisconsin

Starlite, Star Lite, or Starlight is the best name for a modern motel.

Below are all of the unrelated Starlite Motels I have:
Starlite Motel
1342 Hebron Rd.
3 Miles South on Rt. (Hwy) 79
Newark, Ohio
5 miles north of Interstate 70
Starlite Motel
Salina, Kansas
4 Blocks East of
81-40 Hwy Stoplight

Salesmen Welcome

Starlite Motel
3320 W. Broadway
Co. Bluffs, Iowa

Close to Downtown Omaha

Starlite Inn Motor Hotel
U.S. 80-84 West
Abeline, Texas

Home of the famous
Iron Horse Steak House
Starlite Beauty Shop
Star Lite Motel
U.S. 35-54 West
Jacksonville, Illinois

Star Light Motel
on Rt. 161,
Flanders Road, Conn.
Turnpike Exit 74,
East Lyme, Conn.

Starlite Motel
On Route 73
Maple Shade, N.J.

Leave N.J. Turnpike at
Camden-Philadelphia, exit #4
Drive North 1 Mile
Starlite Motor Lodge
on U.S. Hi-Way 54 & 96
6345 East Kellogg
Wichita, Kansas
Star-Lite Motel
On U.S. Route 11 - Rd. No. 1
Carlisle, Pa.
Star-Lite Motel
on M-28
Munsing, Michigan

"Home of the world famous
Picture Rocks"
Starlite Motel
Beresford, South Dakota
On I-29 & State Hwy 46

Nice warehouse.
Star-Lite Motel
Lethbridge, Alta., Canada
Starlite Motel
1 Mile East on Hwy. 14
Rt. 2 Richland Center, Wis.
Starlite Motel
135 S.W. 8th Street - Rt 41
Miami, Florida

The Star-Lite Motel
on Highway 212 & 73
Midway between Missouri
River and the Black Hills.
Faith So. Dak.

Starlite Motel and Restaurant
100 East Grand Ave.
Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Get a closer look at the Cow Sign
Star-Lite Motel
Elko, Nevada
on US 40, 411 10th Street
Star-Lite Motel
Elko, Nevada
on US 40, 411 10th Street

Postmarked 1968
Starlite Motel
1298 Munros
Monterey, California

Located on Highway 1
between Monterey & Carmel

Postmarked 1964 to
"All the Guys and Dolls
Republic Bank Barbershop
Dallas 1, Texas"

Nice shadow!
Starlite Motel
Mackinaw City, Michigan
On Old U.S. 31 between
U.S. 23 and Route 108
near first Interstate 75 exit
at South End of City
Star Lite Motel
Interstate 94, Jct. U.S. 52
Jamestown, N. Dak.
Starlite Motel
Route 17, 6 miles East of
Binghamton, N.Y.
R.D. #1, Windsor, N.Y.
Starlight Motel
1544 McLeod Rd. at Stanley
Niagara Falls, Canada
Star-Lite Motel
Loop U.S. 94
Albion, Mich.
Starlite Motel
On U.S. 285 South
1018 S. First
Atesia, New Mexico

New in 1968
Starlite Motel
On Highways 6-77
5200 Cornhusker Highway
Lincoln, Nebr.
Starlite Motel
192 Short Street
Bishop, Calif.
Star-Lite Motel
15 Blocks South of Post Office
on Junction Avenue at junction
of hi-way 79 & Interstate 90
Sturgis, So. Dak.

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